2020: A Lesson in Civics

For The Civic Circle, 2020 has been one long lesson in civics, as well as in resilience, truth-telling, connection, and the power of community.
The pandemic has raised questions that go to the heart of our civic rights and responsibilities. Americans are asking: how can we exercise our personal freedoms while advancing the common good? This question is central to the civic songs and lessons that The Civic Circle shares with youth.
This year’s racial equity reckoning has also reminded us all that the American story has yet to be fully told, and that we cannot fix our nation until we fix ourselves. The first “step to democracy” at the heart of The Civic Circle’s program is “Listen!”, which conveys that democracy is a place where everyone belongs. We also explored this theme with adults in Montgomery County’s Civic Saturday on the topic “Black Lives Matter: What Will You Do?”
This extraordinary election also opened lively discussions with our students about voting (Choose!), telling truth from fiction (Learn!), and about the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power. The suffrage centennial was another teachable moment, and our song “Votes for Women” opened the Montgomery County Commission for Women’s Suffrage Commemoration.
Our democracy concerts, after-school workshops, educational videos and community events all happen thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors. We are grateful for the good citizens who help us advance civic learning through music and the arts, and help students raise their voices in song and civic power.

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