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The Civic Circle enjoyed a fantastic visit the first week in November from high school and college student guest speakers. Big thanks to Sean Quiroga and Marina Aronez, of Montgomery College, and to Corrin MacCrehan, the state legislative affairs coordinator with the Maryland Association of Student Councils. Civic Circle students learned about how they can run for student council themselves as early as next year, and had a great time giving stump speeches during mock
Big thanks to Lea Morris and Nick Newlin for the fantastic streaming show for the D.C. Public Library on November 13! And thanks to DCPL for the opportunity! It was great to see Lea and Nick performing together again, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate World Kindness Day.

The Civic Voice: The Good News About Glasgow

Posted by encarney on  November 23, 2021
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In the quest for civic success stories, the very last place to look might appear to be climate news. The best efforts of the United Nations Climate Change Conference will not be enough to avert the worst effects of warming, scientists say. Little wonder youth climate activist Greta Thunberg has dismissed the COP26 global summit in Glasgow as “a green wash festival” and “a failure.” But the derision of Thunberg and thousands of other young
The Civic Circle is very grateful to the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County for three outstanding visits to our students the week of October 25. Students had a lively time playing “emotional charades,” and filled in the blanks on an “anger thermometer,” gaining valuable skills to take the first “step to democracy,” which is Listen!
Munit Mesfin and Bomani Armah put on an amazing show at the Petworth Neighborhood Library on October 23. Thanks to the D.C. Public Library for the opportunity, and to Munit and Bomani for taking us all on seven “steps to democracy” with hip hop, movement and song.

“Whisper Down the Lane” Debuts at Civic Education Leadership Summit

Big thanks to the Maryland Civic Education Coalition for featuring The Civic Circle’s new media literacy video, “Whisper Down the Lane,” at its February 17 Civic Education and Engagement Leadership Summit.

Performed by the wonderful Lea Morris, the song features the message that “sometimes the truth gets lost along the way,” and aired just before the Summit’s roundtable on “Truth Decay.” Watch here!