Our Program

The Civic Circle uses story and song to get kids excited about democracy. Our main offering is a high-energy assembly show, "Vote for Me!" that invites students to sing, move, clap, and at the end participate in a mock election as they learn timely lessons about voting, community service, inclusion, and understanding the news. We are also launching workshops that teach kids more about these "steps to democracy" through songwriting and theater.

See how The Civic Circle's 'Vote for Me!" Assembly show and workshops meet Maryland education standards for grades K-5.



What people are saying about The Civic Circle programs:

“After seeing your show, my daughter set up an election with her stuffed animals. She created ballots and everything! It clearly made an impression on her.” — Michelle Mosher, Silver Spring educator and parent.

“I liked that you were learning and having fun while watching a show.” — Kate B., Third Grade.

“Lea Morris and Nick Newlin brought civic responsibility alive for my Fourth Grade class through humor, music, and audience participation. The tunes and catch phrases encouraging voting and voice could be heard in the hallway and classroom days after the performance. We need this every year!” — Christine Lewis, Fourth Grade Teacher, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School