The Civic Circle uses story and song to get kids excited about democracy. Our main offering is a high-energy assembly show, "Vote for Me!" that invites students to sing, move, clap, and at the end participate in a mock election as they learn timely lessons about voting, community service, inclusion, and understanding the news. We are also launching workshops that teach kids more about these "steps to democracy" through songwriting and theater.

Assembly Show

In "Vote for Me!", two actors portray high school students who run against each other for student council. One wants the free play field to be for sports, the other wants it to be a community garden. Along the way they learn about conflict resolution, teamwork, and compromise. Who wins? The students in the audience get to decide. Some songs have verses and refrains in Spanish. Ideal for Grades K-5, especially Grades 3, 4 and 5. Run time: 45 minutes.


The "Vote for Me!" cast and staff are available to lead one or more classroom workshops to explore any one of the seven "steps to democracy" at the heart of our show. Students can learn more about voting, volunteering and understanding truth from fiction through performance-based activities such as songwriting, acting and mock campaigns.

Our Teaching Artists

Our performing troupe, "Kids Sing America," consists of longtime D.C.-area children's performer Nick Newlin (NicoloWhimsey) and noted area vocalist Lea Morris (LEA.)


Nick Newlin has been entertaining children of all ages for 30 years as NicoloWhimsey with his high-energy super-fun comedy juggling act, including storytelling, poetry and audience participation. He also directs plays at the high school level and has written a book series called “The 30-Minute Shakespeare.” Nick also plays rock and roll accordion!


LEA is an award-winning songwriter well known to Washington area audiences. She has worked extensively with students and adults in a variety of settings, from sing-alongs to songwriting workshops. You can learn more about LEA here.