When will the Civic Circle launch?

The Civic Circle has a board in place and has applied for tax exemption as a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit. Performing artists are busy writing songs, skits and poems for the program, and we will take our show on the road in the coming months. If you would like to help with The Civic Circle, please contact Eliza Newlin Carney at ecarney@civiccircle.org.

What is the Civic Circle?

The Civic Circle is a Silver Spring, Maryland-based nonprofit in formation that will bring civics alive for very young children with music and drama shared in assembly and after-school programs.

Why the Civic Circle?

Americans lack faith in and know little about government institutions and those who represent them.

If we do not introduce children at a young age to the building blocks of civic identity we are missing a key window for passing civic values on to the next generation.

How will it work?

Both assembly and after school programs will be built around a series of civic values, each captured with a single word that grabs the attention of young children.