Arcola Elementary School students participating in The Civic Circle’s second pilot workshop on voting came up with a dynamic theme for the original song that they wrote with our teaching artist, LEA: “We Rule!”

The workshop kicked off with a solo performance of songs from “Vote for Me!” Even though it was designed for two actors, the show works equally well when performed by one person. In this format, LEA combines the songs with group activities, such as playing a game of “telephone” to demonstrate how what you hear is not always reliable.

This was our second pilot workshop with Montgomery Housing Partners (also known as Making Home Possible), and it was great working with Arcola’s after-school “GATOR” group. (Geat Achievers Toward Outstanding Results.) After participating in a mock election, playing games to learn about voting, and singing songs about voting, the kids wrote their own voting song. Here’s a snippet:

We rule
We choose what we want
Fairness and respect
And what we believe is correct

Here are a few photos, including some of the students playing telephone.