Giving Thanks on Giving Tuesday

The Civic Circle’s work would not be possible without our wonderful community of supporters, and it was gratifying to see so many people step forward to participate in our Giving Tuesday campaign.

We had several parallel Facebook fundraisers under way to support our group, and quite a few contributions also came through directly via PayPal thanks to an appeal we sent out via email.

Board member Hannah Rosenberg created an inspiring graphic to accompany our campaign (see below), and our new videographer, Chris Lange, did a great job on a one-minute video that captures the excitement behind our assembly show, “Vote for Me!” You can watch that video HERE.

Our “Ten for Ten” campaign—$10,000 so we can bring our program into ten schools in 2020—continues through the end of the year, so it’s not too late to become part of our giving community! Please click the DONATE button on our home page if you would like to participate. In the meantime, thanks to all the good citizens who make our work possible!

Hannah Rosenberg