Pilot Educational Video Release

When the pandemic struck in March, The Civic Circle’s musical assembly show “Vote for Me!” was temporarily suspended. As a way to continue sharing our democracy songs, we decided to launch a series of educational videos.

Our pilot video draws from the introductory song in our show, “The Citizen Tango,” and uses dialogue to guide students in grades 2-4 through three questions: What is democracy? What are my rights and responsibilities? What is a citizen?

We are now inviting feedback from teachers, educators, parents, students, and anyone who wants to weigh in. What do you think? We’d like to know whether we should create seven more of these, one for each of the seven “steps to democracy” at the heart of our program, and if so what improvements might be made on this pilot. Please send feedback to info@theciviccircle.org. Thank you!

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