“We’ll Get There Soon”

Civic Circle students have written several heartfelt and expressive songs in our after-school workshops, on topics ranging from voting to immigration and bullying.

Recently a group of students in Grades 3-5 wrote a song with Lea Morris called "We'll Get There Soon" that seemed to capture both the upheaval they have faced in recent months, and their unquenchable hope for better days ahead.

Lea's beautiful video, which featured a virtual student choir created with the help of Arcola Elementary School teacher Juanita Okanlawon, was shared with students and families at a virtual Black History Month celebration.

Also present were officials from Making Home Possible, which runs the Community Life Program that sponsors The Civic Circle's after-school workshops. (Thank you, MHP!) MHP was kind enough to do this newsletter write-up of the event.

This video will also be shared with senior citizens at Ingleside King Farm as part of this spring's Civic Circle unit on service-learning (Join!). Students are sharing questions with the seniors and will reflect on their responses, fostering connection and community across the generations.

Juanita Okanlawon Students

Juanita Okanlawon's "GATOR Club" class, as depicted by students' avatars.

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