A Generous GivingTuesday

The Civic Circle expresses gratitude to all the generous donors who made our GivingTuesday campaign such a big success. All told, the contributions received on this platform, on The Civic Circle's website, and via check totaled more than $5,700—more than twice our goal! Thank you for your generosity!

Big thanks goes out to all the Civic Circle supporters and friends listed below, in no particular order.

A special thanks goes out to Larry Harris and the Friends & Family of Karin Holtz. The Civic Circle is honored to celebrate Karin's artistic creativity, spirit of generosity and civic leadership.

Robert Burka

Bill Newlin

Hilary Kacser

Marian LeMay

Larry Eldridge

Ritchie Porter

Ginny Bledsoe

Sandy Moore

Busy Graham

Adam Zaid

Jonathan Rauch

William and Louisa Newlin

Mark and Mary Lee Stein

Cindy Pearson

Nick Newlin

Joan Kennan

John Malino

Melissa Smithberger

Ricardo Ismach

Catherine Sluder

Clare Petersburger

Linda Goldman

Julie Boddy

Bill Burnett

John Ross Hall

Michael Amilcar

Thank you all! You make this work possible!


GivingTuesday 2022
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