The Civic Voice Launches

Public distrust of the news industry is at an all-time high, and research suggests that the media's almost exclusive focus on bad news is partly to blame. This drumbeat of disaster can actually undermine democracy, by leaving voters with the impression that nothing they do will make a difference.

The Civic Circle is pushing back with a new newsletter and blog called The Civic Voice that will tell civic success stories, and spotlight the many individuals around the country who are making democracy work for them. We will also keep readers updated on what our group and others like it are up to in the world of civic ed.

The Civic Voice's first edition linked to articles about why civic education matters to adults as well as kids, a new group called The Purple Project for Democracy, and whether biology is political destiny, as writer Sebastian Junger claims. You can read The Civic Voice on Medium here.

The lead article was one that I cross-posted on Medium and on The Fulcrum, a new nonpartisan news site that focuses on the movement to revive democracy.

The article notes that the seven "steps to democracy" at the heart of The Civic Circle's program "are as relevant to adults as to kids, and also to the movement to revive democracy. Adults, too, are missing basic democracy tools — fed up with government, but often clueless how to engage with it. Democracy reform should focus not only on fixing institutions, but also on empowering voters to more effectively press the levers of power, and to work the existing system." You can read the whole article here.

To sign up for The Civic Voice and treat yourself to a small dose of encouraging news, please go to the "Stay in Touch" tab on our website, or click here.

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