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Kids Sing America with LEA!

Posted by encarney on  March 5, 2019
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We had great attendance and audience participation at our Civic Circle show at the Silver Spring Library, “Kids Sing America with LEA!” The kids had fun putting our “Steps to Democracy” on the board—Listen, Learn, Choose, Join, Speak, Act, and Lead! They also enjoyed participating in our mock election, and they did a lot of dancing and singing along. Thanks to the Silver Spring Regional Center for helping underwrite this show, and to the Friends

A Banner Week for The Civic Circle!

Posted by encarney on  November 20, 2018
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The Civic Circle had a banner week, with great turnout at our Celebrate Democracy Concert on November 3, and our approval as a 501(c)(3) charity from the IRS just two days later. The concert was a true community event in every respect. Our two performers—renowned vocalist LEA, and popular entertainer Nick Newlin, better known to his younger generation fans as NicoloWhimsey—went beyond the call of duty in learning a whole new script and eight new

“Whisper Down the Lane” Debuts at Civic Education Leadership Summit

Big thanks to the Maryland Civic Education Coalition for featuring The Civic Circle’s new media literacy video, “Whisper Down the Lane,” at its February 17 Civic Education and Engagement Leadership Summit.

Performed by the wonderful Lea Morris, the song features the message that “sometimes the truth gets lost along the way,” and aired just before the Summit’s roundtable on “Truth Decay.” Watch here!